We’re a creative duo known in the Sandbox Community as PhilFTW and Wayward Escapades  and are award-winning game developers that are part of the Creator Fund, Game Maker Fund and are both Sandbox Bootcamp graduates.  We placed Top 5 in a Sandbox Game Jam and have had multiple assets selected by The Sandbox to mint in their exclusive collections.  Our backgrounds span fine art, advertising, video games, and comic book publishing.

Wayward Escapades has created dozens of assets for the Creator Fund and contributed content to multiple Game Maker Fund projects including Tuschay Studio’s Funguys Kingdom  and Tempest Studio’sMonochrome.

Outside of The Sandbox, PhilFTW was an executive producer and writer on Chex Quest HD, editor and illustrator for the Untold Tales of Chex Quest comic anthology, and is currently a Senior Editor for The Weekly World News.  He’s produced hundreds of TV commercials and branded content projects with brands like Star Wars, MST3K, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Minions, Finding Dory, Critical Role, MTV, and worked with talent like Bradley Cooper, Travis Barker, Richard Sherman, Parry Gripp, Olivia Olson, Danny Trejo and Barry Gordon.

We’re currently helping out on the Sandbox launch of Alpacadabraz and Pixlton, recently completed an avatar collection for Warner Music Group’s Stickmen Toys and our Game Maker Fund Project, Planet Weekly World News, launches in 2023.